Chart entity

Element Description Default Type Mandatory
id Internal unique id INTEGER
accno Account number. Is unique within the charts of table TEXT Yes
description TEXT
link Colon separated list of types TEXT
Type Description Example
AR Accounts receivable 1100
AP Accounts payable 2000
AP_paid Payment accounts of accounts payable 1020
AR_paid Payment accounts of accounts receivables 1020
AP_amount Expenses account 1520
AR_amount Income account 3000
AR_tax VAT account on accounts receivables 22010
AP_tax VAT account on accounts payable 11700



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<chart id="10004" accno="1000" description="Kasse" link="AR_paid:AP_paid"/>


  "@id": "10004",
  "@accno": "1000",
  "@description": "Kasse",
  "@link": "AR_paid:AP_paid"
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