Customer entity

Element Description Default Type Mandatory
customernumber Primary key of the customer entity is the customer number TEXT(32) Yes
name Name of the customer. The name of the business or full name of a person TEXT(64) Yes
created Date of the creation DATETIME
ended Closing date of this customer DATETIME
salutation Use this field for salutation information such as Dear Sir or Madam or Sir/Madam TEXYT(32)
firstname Contact’s first name TEXYT(32)
lastname Contact’s first name TEXT(32)
address1 First address line TEXT(32)
address2 Second address line TEXT(32)
zipcode Zip code with free ten character format TEXT(10)
city TEXT(32)
state TEXT(32)
country Free format TEXT(32)
terms Default payment terms in days INTEGER
phone TEXT(20)
fax TEXT(20)
mobile TEXT(20)
email TEXT
bcc TEXT
notes Internal notes TEXT
taxnumber TEXT(32)
remittancevoucher Used to activate remittance voucher for this customer (QR) BOOLEAN
arap_accno Default accounts receivable account number 1100 TEXT(32)
payment_accno Default payment account number 1020 TEXT(32)
bank_name Data identifying the customer’s bank connection. Name of the bank. TEXT(64)
bank_address1 First address line of customer’s bank connection TEXT(32)
bank_address2 Second address line TEXT(32)
bank_zipcode TEXT(10)
bank_city TEXT(32)
bank_state TEXT(32)
bank_country TEXT(32)
bank_iban TEXT(34)
bank_bic TEXT(11)
language_code One of the client’s configured language codes TEXT(6)
tax_accnos List of enabled tax account numbers (separated by spaces). All tax accounts enabled TEXT
typeofcontact person or company
gender F or M



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<name>Muster AG</name>
<address1>Rössliweg 1</address1>
<email>[email protected]</email>
<bank_name>CREDIT SUISSE</bank_name>


  "customernumber": "KD-1",
    "name": "Test AG",
    "created": "2016-01-22T00:00:00+01:00",
    "salutation": "",
    "firstname": "",
    "lastname": "",
    "address1": "",
    "address2": "",
    "zipcode": "",
    "city": "",
    "state": "",
    "country": "Schweiz",
    "phone": "",
    "fax": "",
    "mobile": "",
    "email": "",
    "cc": "",
    "bcc": "",
    "language_code": "",
    "remittancevoucher": "false",
    "notes": "",
    "terms": "0",
    "typeofcontact": "company",
    "gender": "M"


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