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The ESTV offers the possibility of submitting VAT declarations online. This saves time, reduces the susceptibility to errors and is even more environmentally friendly than sending printed forms by post.


If this is your first time submitting VAT online, please start at step 1. If you already have an online account for ESTV SuisseTax, please start at step 2.

Step 1
To register, you need a company e-mail address and a cell phone number. Please register with your details under the following link:

Link to ESTV

-> Login -> SUISSE TAX (Passwort + mTAN) -> register user -> enter your e-mail address and click on «Continue»

You will then receive a TAN for the login.

After successful login, the power of attorney is created. You can find this under: Verwaltung –> Vollmachten verwalten –> Neue Vollmacht beantragen


MWST Online Run my Accounts AG Online Buchhaltungs Service

Select your company and in the tax area select VAT. You do not need to select Run my Accounts here. With ‹Send request› a message will be sent to the ESTV, which will make a corresponding check. Your company will shortly receive the power of attorney form from the ESTV by post. You must sign the application and return it to the ESTV. Step 2 should be possible one week later at the latest.

Step 2

Under «Verwaltung –> Berechtigungen verwalten → Berechtigte Benutzer –> Neuer Benutzer einladen» please fill out the following form:
Please grant the same rights for «Withholding tax».

Neuen Benutze fuer Unternehmen Einladen


The authorization granting for «control area» would be superuser (symbol with several persons). Only user Thomas Brändle (Managing Director RMA) could submit the form. Internally, the online accountant is also granted authorization. The authorization, however, only includes the completion of the statement.

This procedure is chosen in order to avoid hassle when the online accountant is absent on vacation or changes.

The online accountant will provide you with the VAT declaration, you only have to release it accordingly. After approval, the documents will be loaded into your accounting system for processing and payment if there is a debt to the ESTV.


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