Invoice payment entity

Element Description Default Type Mandatory
id Unique id of the payment INTEGER
invnumber Invoice number TEXT
datepaid Date of payment DATE Yes
source TEXT
memo TEXT
amount_paid DOUBLE Yes
payment_accno 1020 TEXT Yes
currency CHF currency code
exchangerate 1.0 DOUBLE
flag Possible values are: NEW payment, EVEN payment has been called by same api-key before, MUTATED payment has changed, DELETED payment has been deleted TEXT



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>



{ "payment": [ 
     "datepaid": "2011-10-24T10:40:24.826+02:00",
     "amount_paid": "570.0",
     "source": "",
     "memo": "Anzahlung",
     "payment_accno": "1020",
     "exchangerate": "1.0"


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