Part entity

Element Description Default Type Mandatory
partnumber Primary key of the part entity is the part number TEXT Yes
description Default describing text of the part. Invoices can overwrite this text in their positions TEXT
income_accno Income account number TEXT
expense_accno Expense account number. Use in vendor invoices TEXT
unit Name of the unit. warning: limited to five characters only TEXT(5)
quantity Default quantity of this part used in invoices DOUBLE
sellprice DOUBLE
discount Discount in % DOUBLE
itemnote Additional field for notes TEXT
serialnumber TEXT
tax_accnos List of tax account numbers (space separated) TEXT
price_update Date after which the part can be used in invoices DATETIME
projectnumber The number of the project Text



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    <description>Beispiel Artikel 2</description>
    <unit />
    <itemnote />


    "partnumber": "ART-2",
    "description": "Beispiel Artikel 2",
    "unit": "",
    "quantity": "1.0",
    "sellprice": "0.0",
    "discount": "0.0",
    "itemnote": "",
    "price_update": "2012-08-06T00:00:00+02:00",
    "expense_accno": "4999",
    "income_accno": "3400",
    "tax_accnos": "2201",
    "projectnumber": "P-001"
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